What the heck was that about?

Rowdy bunch sailed in last week, almost as if they planned it. No idea who they were or what they were up to, but they seemed to be in agreement that July 2022 would be a great time to sail to Hawaii.  Well, we'll be ready for them. Lots of huli-huli chicken and hot drinks. Many of them were wearing down jackets, of all things.

One guy left his hat behind.

Why Cook when you can Dock?

We have heard that those renegade brigands at the Pacific Cup have just offered up a "buy your own food" seminar. For shame.  Sail up to our docks and enjoy the best dining in three million square miles.  With the nearest eatery over a thousand miles away, you'll appreciate our fine offerings: sushi, shrimp, kelp, tofu burgers and excellent cheese fondue.

Don't cook tonight, come Halfway tonight!

Introducing... The SANITINI!

We know that hand sanitizers are running low on dryland. Well, we have the solution... the Sanitini!  Since hand sanitizers are mostly alcohol anyway, and since alcohol is a primary component of our best-selling offerings we thought "hey how can we turn a quick buck combine these?"

The answer is a 3.5 ounce generous pour of gin or vodka, with a hint of vermouth and (optionally) a dribble of olive juice. You should slosh at least one ounce over your grubby mitts and down the rest.  You'll feel clean and refreshed.

Sanitini, because we care.

Water Ballet

"Sharkbait," our very own in-house water ballet squad, will be performing on Thursday afternoons. Come gather by the lanai bar as Patsy, Skip, and Arlene perform their aquatic impression of such literary classics as "Little Women" and "Tarzan of the Apes."  Guests are reminded that, while shows of appreciation are welcome, throwing the performers a drink is a less than optimal method.

Special on Corona

Virus? What Virus?  While we are not allowing cruise ships to dock at the Cafe anymore, we welcome all Pacific Crossers to stop by. We're having a special on a bucket of six Corona beers. Cold, frosty, and almost for sure safe to drink!

See you there!

Welcome Saildrones

It's a little-known fact that the vaunted technology of the SailDrone is little more than a sham. These little boats are almost entirely free of electronics.  In fact, small people (either little people if in the Atlantic or children under 8 years old if in the Pacific) are used to steer the vessels to their destinations.

"We tried training chickens, gerbils, even a small pygmy goat," reported one ex-employee, "but none of them had the attention span needed to accomplish the voyage."

Preparations underway for Pacific Racers

"We're looking forward to the 2020 Racing Season," says Chef. "Pac Cup asked us to go 'Green'."  

Once we found out this did not mean kale only, we are all in.  No more disposable plastics.  Wood, ceramic, glass, and durable poly will be the order of the day.  Our grinds will be as ono as ever, but you'll have the warm feeling of knowing you are gentle on the earth.

Yeah, that's the warm feeling you feel.


We have to remind visitors to approach the dock from LEEWARD.  If you come in from the weather side, you'll jar the entire raft, causing many patrons to spill their drinks.

Of course, when we see you coming, we'll urge the others to hold on tight, but still, why not radio ahead so someone can come down to the float to take your lines and hand you a starter.  VHF 68 is usually manned.

What The Heck??

Wow!  Not a single visitor from the 2019 TransPac.  They all went too far south.

It's a shame. Our grilled mahi sandwich is amaze-balls.  Actually, even our corn fritters are maize-balls!

And of course, the cold beverages are not to be matched within 1000 miles!

Okay guys, we assume some of you will be stopping by on the delivery home.  Also, whoever left their shoes here from the 2018 Pac Cup, please come get them. We keep tripping over them.