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  • 12/8/2019

    Arnold the manager was hella nice
    This place is definitely worth it for a taking your date.

    Good for no pre party with friends or just drink and talk the night away .

    I frequent the place often now- it's cool

  • 8/21/2019

     Seated via Kelp Reservations

    Another 5 star review from me because I've been finding the most awesome businesses- Halfway Cafe is no different!

    The hosts were very sweet and understanding that we were running a tad bit late at dinner, so we'd be late to our reservation. 100% understood and no questions asked! The host greeted us at the door and escorted us to the booth.

    I ordered two Tiger's Milk just for the pisco. Ordered two because I loved it so much and I'm a sucker for spicy drinks... IT'S SPICY... jalapeno seeds, you've been warned. :) There is also a photo booth that's fun after a few drinks!

    For a Friday night, it wasn't wildly crowded which was nice for my old soul self. DJ was great! Such a nice classy bar for that area of the Mission- what a gem!


  • 3/10/2019

    Love this bar, mainly because of this one drink they have on the menu-- Elder MaiTai! It's very floral because they use an ice cube that has a flower in it and they give you a whole bottle of elderflower tonic. It's amazing.

    This isn't the bar to dance in, but it's a good one to hang out with a few friends. It gets pretty loud though, so prepare to yell at each other (which shouldn't be a problem, haha).


  • The bar itself is pretty fun, there can be a good crowd at night but still enough room to hang around and talk with friends. The DJ has interesting choice in music though, and it created an odd vibe in contrast to the bar itself.

    The drinks weren't that great though, of the two I tried, including the strawberry gimlet and the fallback. The strawberry gimlet tasted like a bad IPA, being unnecessarily bitter without the rich flavors and character to back it up. The fallback was pretty boring as well, it could have used a little more finesse.

    Overall a good place to hang out but don't go here expecting good drinks.




    One of those bar hopping bars when in the Middle of the Pacific!

    Nice cocktails and specials on drinks during happy hour times!

    Get your drink on!

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  • 7/11/2019

     5 check-ins

    This is a nice bar! I usually come to this bar if we're so far behind we gonna lose.

    The bar is dark, has places to sit, and great to just talk with friends while having a few drinks. The music is nice, not too loud, but also not too quite. It's just right! 

    This is definitely a bar you want to go to if you are looking for a place to sit around the talk with friends. There isn't really a dance floor but I think I saw a couple of girls dance one time when it looked like they brought in a DJ, maybe for a party?

    The drinks are good, they have a full bar and can make any drink you ask. Or at least they've made every drink I've asked for. They also have a menu if you aren't sure that's what you want.

  • I like the Halfway bar.

  • Been here twice. Once for an event and once on a date. The backroom has a cool vibe with a huge projector. Drinks are good! I tried two different cocktails. Both were delish.

  • The place was OK. Nothing unique or beautiful.
  • The staff was impolite. The volume of music was low and we listened nothing.
  • Such a bad experience!


  • I love coming here and have a vodka Martini and just relax. The bartender is nice and makes quality  drinks for a fair price.
  • 10/4/2019

    Too many Swedes at times but otherwise and awesome bar. Good drinks. Great staff. All in all top place (again would be better without all those Swedes).

  • 11/5/2019

    This is actually the worst bar in the Pacific. The staff is so rude, the cocktails are horrible, and the whole time you're forced to watch videos on San Francisco on a giant projector -- like a 1999 screen saver. Please go to any other bar in the neighborhood.




    Clearly my new favorite bar in the Pacific. Excellent service from real bartenders that knows what they are doing. They have a modern menu but can make you pretty much anything. DJ is playing fun music Friday and Saturday with a hip and cool crowd. If you're in the area, this place is a must.